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19-Dec-2017 05:05

In contrast, the fishing yield in Anse-d’Hainault is much higher than in other areas of Haiti thanks to modernized techniques and its unique ecology, Simon says.

Of the 12 districts in the Grand’Anse, only Anse-d’Hainault is able to furnish enough fish for the other communities in the department and Port-au-Prince.

But ecosystems have been suffering advanced decline in Haiti as a result of sedimentation caused by erosion of watersheds, pollution from land-based activity and the encroachment of human habitation, according to the World Bank.

This has reduced fishing catches and aquaculture potential.

I live well with that.” This is during high season.

More than 70 percent of fishermen now use fish aggregating devices, motorized boats and large fishing lines.

“When I started to fish, I made 100 [.35] or 200 gourdes [.70],” Pierreman says.

“But now, I can make 15,000 [0] to 20,000 [0] gourdes per day.

Harvesting of mangroves and the destruction of coral reefs have also left coastal areas vulnerable to storms and hurricanes.

The fishing industry has also suffered from inadequate equipment and a lack of processing, marketing and credit systems, according to the World Bank.“Even though other buyers come from outside of Anse-d’Hainault,” Pierreman says, “when the fishery is not working, even for a very brief time, we cannot sell our fish.