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The other player is the Expediter, who sends the orders for the Cook to prepare, and also sends out food that is cooked and ready to serve.

The Cook does not have any control over selecting orders or sending them out, and the Expediter has no cooking controls, so teamwork is key.

A mistake on any recipe will earn you a strike…and in some cases, three strikes means you’ve failed the challenge.

There are three levels of completion per challenge: Standard (perfect/average orders only), Standard Perfect and Extreme Perfect, where you cannot make a single mistake.

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There’s no need to start a new save: your co-op friend can drop in and out of days as they choose! One person is the Cook, preparing orders and cooking as usual.These will not be procedurally generated events, but challenges created by myself, fans of the game, celebrity indie guests and more!By far the biggest addition to the game, Local Multiplayer spans an array of challenges and modes, allowing friends to compete or cook co-operatively in brutal, devastating events.Weekly Challenges are designed for players to battle against Steam players and friends by setting the fastest time on new events.

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Each week a challenge is downloaded that consists of five foods and a wildcard.

Sometimes it’ll ask to only replace foods, or upgrade, it’s all random and crazy. This allows for a crazy endurance run every time you play, and will also have their own Steam Leaderboards to see how far everyone can go before they’re ultimately cooked.

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