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“Ok, out, out, you, I need to find the right outfit and you aren’t helping.” “I don’t know why you keep call this thing a date,” I whined as my petite little wife pushed me out of the bedroom with a good-natured smile.“Janet, darling, I had the most outrageous afternoon at the mall today, you won’t believe it. I need you to come over right away and help me,” babbled my wife happily into her phone as she closed the bedroom door in my face.I heard the front door open and turned around to see my wife, Anne, come bustling into the living room behind me, carrying a bunch of shopping bags. I thought you were just going to pick up a new bathing suit,” I laughed.Anne’s normally pale complexion was bright and rosy and her cheeks were flushed with excitement. “Well, I bumped into these two fellows, Jerry and Roger in the line at Starbucks and we struck up a conversation and we just sort of hit it off.” Anne gave me a wicked smile that filled me with foreboding.

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