Disadvantages of interracial dating Live sex chat with canadian stripper

29-Sep-2017 10:45

When society is against an individual, their family is supposed to be there to support them, but in this case the weight of society’s beliefs outweigh their family’s desire to stand behind them.

Without their parents support, a marriage between Jim and Ella will be very difficult.

Mixed couples become almost blind to their polar lifestyles and backgrounds after forming a serious relationship.

Unfortunately, these dissimilarities which begin to become insignificant to the couple are glaring to their families and society.

When Ella, an Israeli Jew, introduced her Palestinian Arab boyfriend, Jamil, to her family, he remarked that “If I had walked in with a bomb in my hand, their reaction couldn’t have been worse” (Chen 34).

Israelis and Palestinians are supposed to be fierce enemies, so the fact that their daughter was dating an enemy is the reason for the disappointment and outrage in her family.

The fact was that her father most likely had a fear of whites from the racism he experienced as a young Chinese man growing up in America.

He was afraid that his daughter would experience the same racism and discrimination he had gone through, and thus did not want his daughter to have relations with a Caucasian.

Another illustration of when parents are opposed to intermarriage occurred when an Arab man and a Jewish woman announced their relationship to their parents.

The couple is frequently reminded that they are two separate people from different cultures that should not belong together.

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