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19-Jun-2017 06:27

As for Cold winter nights, there are better alternatives. 2017 version - When first sprayed, this sort of reminds me of the sharp smell of hair spray with a soapiness on the back end, then settles down to smell like the lovechild of Joop! Lasting power is going to be average with a moderate projection. For those who may like the smell of fragrances in the same vein as JPG Le Male, or Joop! This is my winter signature and it is so cheap so I use to bath in it.

It tries to be "warm" with the inclusion of tobacco and woody notes, but the geranium and fir just make it feel like those well-to-do relations who never have strong opinions or offer hugs at reunions.

My wife and I get a bleach-like laundry detergent vibe from it. I tested on my skin and clothes, and it made no difference.

In fact, I wore a few sprays to work and my business partner commented. The top notes do calm down in 15 minutes and then tobacco and lavender comes through, and both notes are very detectable.

The only thing that keeps me from loving this is a certain sharpness that arises from the mix that turns me off a little. The one I have is made in July 2017 and is very persistent, I feel it all day. If you like fragrances such as: JPG Le Male, Cuba Gold, Prada Sport, Moschino Uomo & Amouge Reflection, then this was made for you, easily in the same category as all of the above (masculine sweetness/tonka). Yes, the opening made me take a step back, but once it starts to settle, the lavender and tobacco with soft florals come to the forefront making this a subtly sweet and masculine fragrance.

it's like a jagged edge on an otherwise smooth curve. Masculine floral, not floral like a bunch of flowers, more earthy and topped off with sweet smokiness. This has a real dry presence, so I prefer to wear this at work where it is always fairly warm. And for me it settles down rather quickly which is a good thing.

Gentlemen, if you like to smell approachable, elegant, classy, warm, confident (and if you know that the individual notes work for you already) then I can't imagine anyone not thoroughly enjoying this elegant fragrance.