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13-Aug-2017 19:01

These Champions have assisted to promote and support Indigenous recruitment, retention and career development initiatives across the ATO.

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We will modify our targets during the life of this Plan where objectives are achieved to enable further progress.

The ATO’s Workplace Bullying, Harassment and Discrimination Chief Executive Instruction (CEI) outlines our commitment to providing a workplace that recognises and appreciates diversity, and is free from bullying, harassment and discrimination where everyone is treated with respect and courtesy. The ATO builds and leverages a diverse and inclusive workplace Our intent is to create a culture of inclusion where differences are recognised, valued and 'different voices' are heard in decision making.

Having people from diverse backgrounds feeling empowered and willing to raise differences will improve decision making, overall process design and our performance.

Our culture of inclusion will attract, develop and retain talent that reflects all segments of the Australian community. All employees are able to participate and contribute to their full potential We champion an inclusive environment and the removal of barriers to ensure all employees are able to fully participate in the workplace.

We provide a supportive and adaptable work environment encouraging all our employees to utilise flexible work to balance work, family and caring responsibilities. The ATO strives to be a diversity and inclusion leader and an employer of choice within the APS and across the wider community Our commitment to diversity and inclusion is represented by all ATO employees who behave in an ethical and respectful manner and promote an inclusive work environment.

We acknowledge the need to remove conscious and unconscious biases and stereotyping from recruitment processes and the workplace.