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Someone appears to have given an implicit promise: verbal negativity means sexual success. It is about control, putting the man in charge of the interaction by pushing the woman to earn his approval.If you’ve been working on them, by now you should know the anchors work. If a girl feels good around you – for any reason – that feeling gets TRANSFERRED to YOU. And, by the other token, if she’s spending her time with you reliving bad experiences, YOU become linked with those feelings. you want to AVOID bitch sessions – especially early on, when she doesn’t have any feelings connected with you.

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Example: “I had fun chatting.”“Me too.”“Well, tell you what.

”Maybe she’ll say “Well, I felt this fluttering in my stomach, and it moved up to a lump in my throat.”As she’s saying this, she’ll be reliving the experience of her attraction.

By the way, this works with any woman, if you just lead her through an experience of attraction. ”And now she’s relived the attraction, but through YOUR NONVERBAL SEXUAL CUE TOUCH.

Take all the fun you’ve had here, and put it in this. Learn to steer the conversation to happy emotions – and the situations to exciting spots (hint: fear and heat both feel similar to passion and sex, physiologically) – and you can stimulate powerful productive connections between good feelings and yourself.

(Pick anything, absolutely anything small and portable will do. Now, getting this right takes a bit of practice – it’s easy to sound like some new age freak here, and you just might a couple of times.

You’ll get that a lot – both because attractive women often have boyfriends, and because that’s a great line to weed out the weak and the superficial. For one, she could be lying, and also, PLENTY of women are with a guy – but not REALLY.