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Damn, I was sure glad I didn't call them and have someone meet me at the airport. I noticed my wife's things in the bedroom with the King bed and so I assumed that was hers and the other room was being shared by our mothers. I put my thing away in the bedroom, changed into some shorts and short sleeve shirt and walked out on the balcony.

They would have been there for hours and wasted most of the day. Never having been there I didn't know what to expect but I did expect to spend the next several days relaxing. It was a beautiful night and the pool below glistened.

We both have a great relationship with our mothers and try to see them often.

From some of the conversations I have over heard both of them had active sex lives.

They were scheduled to leave the next day and stay in Key West for 2 weeks.

Honey's mom lives close by but her dad left long ago to parts unknown.

Fuck, once I got through with him there would be enough leftovers to give either one of you a snack." Honey: "Well, all I can say is that I doubt if he could ever hold a candle to Brad. It's not a fucking unless you go at it at least an hour." Honey: "Well ladies, if I need any help I certainly know who to call. I only brought 2 but both are very good." Theresa: "Like mother, like daughter.

I don't know how he does it but after 2 hours I usually want to go to sleep. Thanks for the offer but I need the feel of a man or at least a woman.

They were all three laughing and making jokes about some guy that was trying to pick them up. It's like my American Express Card, I never leave home without them." Theresa: "Well, I guess you got me there.

Gloria: "Can you believe that guy, he though he actually had a chance. Hell, I don't think he could have satisfied me much less all three of us." Theresa: "Yea, he kept going on and on about how many women he has had and how all of them just begged him to stay. All the men I have gone out with are 10 to 20 minutes and ready for sleep. Between those drinks and watching all those dicks swinging around the pool it sure does get me going." Gloria: "Your damn right, I am so horny that I might have to excuse myself for a little while and go get my trusty friend." Theresa: "Gloria, what do you mean, you brought your dildo with you? I thought about packing mine but I didn't know how you two would feel if you found out so I put it back in my nightstand." Honey: "Theresa, don't worry, if mom won't let you borrow one of hers you are currently welcome to one of mine.I didn't have time to call Honey and let her know so I though I would just surprise he and our mothers.

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