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10-Aug-2017 18:42

[Read: Why introverts are much more than shy or awkward] #3 You can’t stand small talk.

You want to engage with people and like to have deep talks, but absolutely can’t stand the idle chit-chat that has to come first.

Someone who is introverted doesn’t ever want to entertain a crowd, while an extrovert is all about entertaining a crowd all the time.

So they wouldn’t notice if they were engaging or not.

That can lead to disaster in highly populated or very large venues or events.

They are already overwhelmed by their conflict of being introverted with the desire to reach out, so the rest of the situation is just overwhelming noise that makes it close to miserable.

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Although being outgoing, an outgoing introvert is still thinking about themselves even when engaging with others.They view them as not having anything to say that has any meaning besides a means to “look at me.” If you like to talk to people, but have very few times that you make it underneath the surface and enjoy it, then you may be an outgoing introvert.

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