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When they add the suction cup to the end of the putter, not only do they not have to putt, they also don't have to bend over to get the ball either!

How's that for using golf as an excuse to exercise?

The Golf Guru can settle any golf rules debate or just smooth over that curious golf rule itch that has been bothering you. This question made a few people a little nervous, wondering if something had changed in the rules.

Many times I have seen a player straddle the tee markers, placing their ball between the tee markers but their feet outside of the markers. Is it okay to tee your ball anywhere on the mown portion of the tee box?

You cannot tee the ball in front of the tee markers but you can put your feet wherever makes you comfortable. During stroke play, a competitor whose ball lies in a bunker makes a practice swing, touching the ground in the bunker with her club.

Nope, the correct answer is that as long as the ball is between the margins of the two tee markers and not more than 2 club lengths behind this line, all if good!

They play what they have termed "relaxed rules." Don't bother looking this up because it doesn't exist.

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If your ball comes to rest in one of the aeration holes, are you entitled to relief from the hole under the definition of "ground under repair?If the local rule permits relief, then the ball should be dropped as near as possible to the spot where the ball originally came to rest but not nearer the hole.