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26-Dec-2017 08:50

It is during this phase that the optimizer is invoked, statistics examined and the optimal access path determined.

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Therefore, some knowledge of both Oracle and Perl is assumed, and although I will not try to show off my obfuscation abilities, this article still assumes that the reader has read "Learning Perl" and has some experience with Oracle RDBMS.Now that we have a database handle properly created and configured, we can use it to execute SQL commands.Oracle SQL executes in several phases: Parse phase: SQL statement is checked for syntactical validity and all objects are checked to see whether they exist or not and whether the user has appropriate access privileges or not.Bind phase: placeholders in SQL statements are "connected" to the program variables.

During this process the address of program variables is "made known" to oracle, so that it can read or write values from it.Unfortunately, DBD:: Oracle does not support array interface, so the effects of this local cache are not as great as one would expect.

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