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As a result, the family who survived Jon Benét, and the investigation surrounding the murder, has returned to the public eye, though it's long been a famously unsolved case.So, where are Jon Benét Ramsey's parents, Patsy and John, now?"They keep on doing it," said Lin Wood, the attorney for Beth Holloway. This is a mother who has exercised every effort to make sure her daughter is alive." Natalee Holloway was 18 years old when she vanished during a high school graduation trip to the Caribbean island of Aruba.

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Several hours later, Jon Benét's body was found in the basement of her Boulder, Colorado home, according to Forbes.

There is a channel called “CRIME INVESTIGATION.” I know. Lately, I’ve been hooked on “Vanished with Beth Holloway.” Beth Holloway is Natalee Holloway’s mother, who is twice divorced and rumored to be dating Jon Benet Ramsey’s dad.